NEW - Research as Accompaniment

Martin Renzo Rosales, LaShaune Johnson, and I co-edited "Research as Accompaniment: Solidarity and Community Partnerships for Transformative Action." The volume expands conversations about participatory, community-engaged research that inspires social change. The co-editors and the authors content that long-term community partnerships, inspired by solidarity and characterized by equality and reciprocity, result in a deep understanding of community concerns and increase the likelihood that research findings have an impact on both the community partners and the broader society. Such research relationships, the authors maintain, are best understood as "accompaniment", a concept drawn from Liberation Theology.

Compassion in Pre-Health and Health Professional Education

Kathleen Clark and I co-authored a chapter in Compassion als Schlüssel für eine zukunftsfähige Bildung nachhaltiger Entwicklung?! - Auftrag und Weiterentwicklung eines theologischen Prinzips [Compassion as Key to Sustainable Development Education?! – Implications and Further Development of a Theological Concept], edited by Maike Domsel and Maurice Steffens and published by Kohlhammer (January 2024). The title of our chapter is "Compassion in Pre-Health and Health Professional Education: Inspiration and Sustenance for Action." We argue that reflection on values that inform professional practice, immersion experiences, personal encounters with individuals who are suffering, and an institutional ecology of compassion assist students to develop compassion.

SVD Health Professionals: Participating in God's Mission to Heal

This volume, published in 2023 by the Generalate of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD), is a reflection on the SVD's participation in God's mission to heal. Following an introduction is a collection of thoughts and stories of some members of the SVD who are trained in a health- or healthcare-related profession or academic discipline. Following their reflections are a reflection by an SVD and two theological articles on the role of disability, health, healthcare, and caregiving in the mission of the Church and evangelization. Afterwards is a biographical sketch of the life and mission of Sr. Veronika Rackova, a medical doctor who was murdered as she provided care to a patient. A document of the World Council of Churches concludes the volume. You can download a copy by clicking HERE.

Mission Statements and Students' Professional Identity

Dr. Katie Clark (Augsburg University), Dr. Becky Davis (Creighton University), Dr. LeAnn Holmes (University of Nebraska Medical Center), Dr. Joyce Miller (Augsburg University), Dr. Margo Minnich (Creighton University), Mariana Ballesteros (BA in Health Administration and Policy), Alexandra Schultz (student in Medical Anthropology) and I published an article in Nurse Education Today (Vol.