Studying Abroad in Austria and Hungary

January 18, 2019: Becky Davis, Margo Minnich, Jennifer Peter, and I meet for the first time with the group of students that participates in the 2019 summer program in Austria and Hungary, from May 21 to June 1. The topic of the program is "Definitions of Health - Implications for Care". The group of 26 undergraduate, graduate and professional students will visit with us, among other sites, an eldercare facility and hospital, an emergency medical services center, the Psychology Department at Karoli Gaspar University, a refugee organization, an alternative healer in the shamanic tradition, the Hungarian Chamber of Health Professionals, an organ transplant ward, and a pilgrimage shrine. Also, we will spend a whole day in Bad Kreuzen at the First Center for Traditional European Medicine to learn about and experience complementary treatments, such as hydrology, wraps and Celtic meditation.